Facebook Messenger: New Dark Mode for Messenger

Facebook Messenger dark mode was released May, 2019 after several suggestions by users.

The dark mode was a much needed upgrade to the social media giant as its competitors (Twitter) offers same feature.

Many users were greeted with the new messenger dark mode when an upgrade was made available for the app.

A lot of people speculate that the same feature will soon be made available to WhatsApp also.


Some say the dark mode is what makes them opt in the use of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus.

These counterfeit and unofficial apps offer a lot of services that the original has not.

Nothing else was reported to have changed after the update on Messenger except the availability of the dark mode

Messenger Dark mode


  • CALL/VIDEO: Supports call and video call. Video quality is dependent on your network coverage and strength.
  • MEDIA SHARING: Supports media sharing such as pictures, audio files, recordings and location.
  • USER INTERFACE: User interface has been designed to be friendly and flexible. Easy to navigate through.

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