Love and Hate part 3: Haqim and Hadiza


Love and Hate
Haqim talking on the phone

Haqim: I’ll see you later. I gotta go my boss just stepped in. Love you.

He drops the call and walks towards his boss, greets him and unpacks the new supplies from the back of the truck.

Later that day in the store, a group of girls walked in, one looking tired and thirsty walks straight for the water dispenser and collects a bottle.

The other walks to the fruit section and stares at a couple of apples, wondering which to collect.

While the last one stays at the entrance, just close to the counter where Haqim works.

He looks at her but looses interest as he was also watching and monitoring all what was going on in the store.

Suddenly she walks to him and begins a conversation.

Girl: Hi.. Hello. You new here? I mean, on this job.

Haqim: Yeah.. I started about a week ago.

Girl: I see. Well, I came in with my friends and they taking too long. I mean the marathon running one who just stormed to the dispenser. Well, there’s this album I’m looking for and I can’t quite get it online.

Haqim: have you tried iTunes? I mean, there’s probably any song there up for sale no matter how lame they are.

Girl: (Laughs) That’s the problem. I don’t have cash to throw about.

Haqim: OK, why not tell me the name of this song or the artist so I could get for you?

Girl: Hmm… it’s a song by one of the Migos squad with Iggy Azela. What’s it called again?

She pauses for a while trying to remember the name of the song. Just then her friends show up and drags her away. She turns and waves at Haqim as she leaves.

Haqim goes about his normal duties, attending to customers.

Later that day some boys walked in the store looking left and right. Trying to find out where the cameras were.

Seeing none in sight, they bring out a gun and screams “Everybody freeze! This is a stick up and nobody move! “

Robber: hey you, lol hommie. Take, now empty all the cash in them sack. And don’t be thinking about being a hero. Nobody needs to get hurt tonight.

Love and Hate
The robber walks to Haqim and tells him to empty the cash into the sack

Haqim obeys his every command and hands over the proceeds of the day to the robber.

Robber: that’s it lol hommie. Good boy. No put your face down like the lol bitch you are.

As Haqim bowls his head down, they all scram and flee the scene. Terrified by the incident, Haqim sat on the floor terrified of what just happened.

His boss quickly rushed down to the store upon hearing the news. He finds Haqim frozen in shock and calms him down.

Seeing the state at which he was, his boss asks him go home for the day and should try to relax. Haqim reaches for his phone and dials a number.

Haqim: Hi mom.

Mom: Hi son.

Haqim: Mom something crazy just happened at my place of work a couple hours ago.

Mom: what’s is son?

Haqim: we got robbed but I’m OK. They only took the money and left. No one got hurt.

Mom: Are you OK? Did they hurt you? Where are you? Hope they didn’t touch you son?

Haqim: No I’m fine mom. My boss asked me to take the rest of the day off so I’m going to get the groceries like you asked then I’ma head home.

Mom: OK son. Be safe. I’ll be home waiting (Haqim drops the call)

Haqim takes a bus to a local market to get the supplies his mom asked to and stumbles upon the mystery girl along the way. She sat on a bench right across the road. He stops and waves at her. When she was able to recognize his face under the streetlight, she waves back.

They both talked along the way

As Haqim turns to continue his journey, he feels a tap on his shoulder from behind. It was the mystery girl from the store.

Girl: Hey you. What you doing in my neighborhood? Are you stalking me?

Haqim: Hell no! I came to get some groceries for my mom. By the way, you never told me your name.

Girl: I’m Hadiza. Most of my friends just call me Hades like I’m the god of the underworld.

Haqim: what kinda name is that?

Hadiza: It’s a Nigerian name. My parents gave it to me. They say we belong to one Nigerian tribe called the Hausas.

Haqim: hmmm.

Hadiza: what you humming about? Well, c’mon let’s go already.

Haqim looks at her strange and wonders where could she be talking about.

Haqim: Go where exactly?

Hadiza: to go get the groceries you silly. Or you just lying?

Haqim: No I’m not. By the way, the name of the song you where talking about earlier was Saviour by Iggy Azela featuring Quavo. Turns out I got the song. I’ll send it to you.

Hadiza: thanks. You’re a real life saver.

They both walk to the market. Talking along the whole ordeal. On their way back from the market, at the same point where they both met. Hadiza walks away from Haqim and heads to a vehicle parked across the street.

Hadiza: Get in! I’ll go drop you off. I did saw you when you got off the bus and there ain’t no way I’m letting you get on one this night. Besides you did help me today. Its my turn to return the favour.

Haqim: Who’s car is this?

Hadiza: quit staring and hop in.

Haqim enters the vehicle and drops the foodstuff on the floor of his seat. They continued chatting as they head towards their destination.

Just about 14 minutes into their journey, they both get pulled over by a cop cruiser for speeding past a red light. They both were enjoying each others company Hadiza lost sight of the traffic light.

Hadiza: oh shoot! A cop is asking us to pull over. What did I do?

Haqim: Relax. Be calm I’m sure it’s just a routine check or maybe you ran past a red light or something. He’s probably gone go away in no time unless you got weed or coke in the car.

They both laugh real hard waiting for the officer to come closer.

Cop: Evening miss. Did you notice the red light you sped past a while back? Lemme see some id and registration.

Love and Hate
The police officer steps out of this cruiser and walks towards Haqim and Hadiza

Hadiza complies and reaches for the glove compartment. She brings out her papers and hands them over to the police officer. He looks at them, then he spoke to Haqim.

Cop: Why you mute son? Got nothing to say? What’s in the bag?

Haqim: Groceries sir.

Cop: Are you sure? Who’s car is this?

Hadiza: it’s my dad’s.

Cop: I’ll need you both to step out the car.

Hearts racing, Hadiza and Haqim obeys they cop and stepped out the car. Hadiza walked to where Haqim was standing. Looking frightened, Haqim tells her about his ordeal at the store.

She assures him that everything will be OK and not to worry.

Cop: What’s going on there? Stop talking!

As the police officer goes to his cruiser and tries to verify Hadiza’s id he asked his partner to keep an eye on them.

With Hadiza and Haqim’s hand both high above their head, Haqim feels a vibration coming from his jacket pocket and tries to reach for it.

Hadiza: Haqim! Haqim!! No no no no… Haqim, please look at me. Haqim!!!

Haqim’s phone fell to the ground with particles of sand on it with the screen lit. Still vibrating, the caller ID read, “Mom calling”.

Cop 2: I thought he was trying to reach for his gun. I’m so sorry.

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