U.S are world terrorist: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

USA flag

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said U.S are the world terrorist. He made this statement during a celebration of the nation’s nuclear day in Tehran.

He said U.S was quick to point that the Revolutionary Guards are terrorist.

In a statement, Rouhani said USA were either terrorist or aiding terrorism in the region.

Broadcasting live in a state television, the president accused US of hiding the heads and leaders of ISIS and Jihad.

US implemented a jail sentence to anyone who was having dealing with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the United States of America.

This meant that the USA government have branded or labeled a certain part of a foreign government as a terrorist group (Islamic Revolutionary Gurad Corps).

To support this, President Hassan Rouhani cited the gunning down of Iran Air Flight 655 in July 1988 by a US naval ship.

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