Day 14 Episode 1 (Day 2, the Romantic Dinner Night)

Day 14

I hurriedly finished up with the work on my table at about 4:30 pm.
My boss left the office by 1:00 pm after demanding for my address, which I wrote at the back of his complimentary card.

With that, I knew he wasn’t returning.
“Friday traffic can be terrifying, let me start going home now. Who knows when I will get home before my boss will come to pick me up by 8:00 pm,” I said in an undertone as I parked my bag and left the office.

The traffic was as expected, and I got home by 6:45 pm.
“I’m even lucky today,” I muttered to myself as I quickly had my bath and invaded my wardrobe in search of something nice to wear.

As I looked at my wardrobe, I got perplexed.
“Should I wear something revealing?”
“Or something that covers my cleavage?”
“Menh! I wouldn’t want to wear something that will get him imagining or stripping off my clothes with his eyes. Maybe I should call Zoe.”

Those were the conflicting thoughts going on in my head as I picked my phone to call Zoe.
I called her, but she didn’t pick up.
I called again, and she picked.
ME: Stupid girl, where you drop that your ‘yeye’ phone?
ZOE: Abeg, I dey busy with my bobo.
ME: Hmm…this one enter sha! Unto person wey no get bobo naa. Abeg, I dey confuse wetin to wear o, can you help me?

ZOE: Wear pant and bra naa.

ME: Zooooeee…! I dey serious.
ZOE: Me dey serious with my bobo naa. Which kind bad belle you be sef? Just at when something sweet wan happen, na that time your confused call come enter.

ME: Oya sorry naa, help me apologize to

Kingsley. Abeg, time no dey by my side.

ZOE: No wahala. I think you should go for a midi gown with a little cleavage coverage. Just look sexy, but be sexy with your heart in check o. I no wan hear, “Zoe, it get as it take happen!”

ME: Thank you so much. I will activate my self-control to the highest.
ZOE: Better pikin, na now you come. Just be free and have fun, it’s been long you went on a proper date. If only these ‘yeye’ boys know say na pretty Ladies sabi dey lonely pass. Well, I wish you luck girlfriend. But I take God beg you, no call me again. No dey cut Kingsley’s fun like this naa.

ME: I’m sorry. I promise not to call again.
ZOE: Lastly babe, be confident. You are pretty, and you know it, it’s not your damn fault. Don’t allow anyone to intimidate you…Okay?

ME: Thank you, Ma’am, I don hear. I love youuuu!
ZOE: I love you too babe.
ME: Bye.
And I hung up****
I followed Zoe’s advice, and I made a sweet choice.
A red colored midi gown that brings out my body shape in full.

I completed my dressing with a black colored stiletto shoe. I made a mild make-up and was waiting for a call. At precisely 8:00 pm, my phone beeped.
It was my Boss.

“Wow! This is getting romantic. He keeps to time?” I thought to myself as I picked the call.
BOSS JASON: Hello, Isabel.
ME: Yes Sir.
BOSS JASON: I’m parked in front of your gate.
ME: I’m coming out Sir.
And he hung up****

“Whoa! Did I forget anything?” I soliloquized as I took my clutch and left my apartment.

As I walked outside the gate, he flashed his car headlight for easy identification, but that wasn’t the best part.
The best part is how he came down from his car, and ‘gentlemanly’ opened the front door for me to enter.

I beamed up smiles as I entered the car.
He smiled back at me.
I started catching feelings with that romantic display.
He joined me in the car and drove off immediately.

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