Day 14: Episode 2 (Day 2)

Day 14

The next day being Friday, I came to work a little late because of the traffic.

Before I could get to my desk, my Boss was already in his office.

“God! I desperately need a car, if not I will lose this well-paying job of mine,” I said in an undertone.

As I was trying to settle down and get ready for any late coming query, the office intercom buzzed.

I picked up immediately, with trembling hands and voice.

ME: Hello, good morning Sir.

BOSS JASON: Come to my office.

ME: Alright, Sir.

I stood up and walked into his office straight away.

I didn’t even wait for him to register his dismay with my work conduct of reporting late that morning, so I started with an apology.

“I’m so sorry sir, the traffic out there is always crazier on Fridays,” I apologetically said.

“Can you stop! I didn’t call you in here for that. Come and take this,” he replied as he handed over a wrapped gift to me.

I didn’t know what I should be doing or saying, because his gesture got more confused.

I stood dazed in front of him.

“You can go back to your desk,” he ordered, and that brought back my senses.

I immediately did a U-turn without saying ‘thank you’ to him.

I was still in shock until I sat on my seat.

“Hmm…Isabel, you are really in trouble,” I said in an undertone as I unwrapped the gift.

“OMG! Some expensive jewelry gift!”

“This is pretty expensive for me.”

“Whoa! How do I say thank you? Maybe I should walk right back into his office to appreciate.”

Those were my thoughts, as I put the gift inside my bag, stood up and went into his office to thank him.

I walked in, but he seemed busy; that got me unbalanced as I felt like going back to my desk to come back when he’s free.

But he called me back as I was about making a U-turn.

“Isabel, can I help you?” he asked.

“Ye-yes sir (I stammered), I don’t know what I must have done to deserve such an expensive gift from you. I came to say ‘thank you,’ they are gorgeous. I love them”.

“That last line is all I needed to hear. I’m glad to hear you love them. I was scared if you would love them. Remember, we are having dinner tonight, so you tell me. Would you prefer an expensive restaurant or my place?”

“OMG! What should I answer now? He just likes putting out queries that get me perplexed,” I muttered to myself as I pondered on the answer to give in a split of seconds.

“Sir, I’m okay with any choice you make,” I replied.

“Isabel, I thought we both had an agreement on this ‘sir’ issue? (he scoffed) Well, I would want us to have dinner in my place, that will give me the opportunity to make something tasty for you,” he said with a wink.

“It’s alright, Sir.”

I turned to walk back to my desk, but he stopped me with an unusual request.

“So you have to drop your address with me, and I will come to pick you up by 8 pm, what about that?”

“I will do that before we close for the day,” I retorted.

I quickly walked backed to my desk.

Something in me made me feel as if I was giving out myself so cheap, so I had to call my bestie, Zoe.

Luckily for me, she picked up!

ME: Babe, no shout, I dey work. Abeg I need your help.

ZOE: Wetin happen?

ME: Na that my Oga matter o. He got me a jewelry gift, and he’s equally requesting for a dinner date at his place, is it wise?

ZOE: Na the dinner for em place no pure. Why una no fit dinner the thing for restaurant?

ME: Choi! I talk am say I don fuck up. Wetin I go do now?

ZOE: Na to activate your self-control to the highest, so that the man no go see any green light to squash or attempt to. You know say you get weak heart. No believe em sweet mouth o, use your head.

ME: Alright, thank you so much.

ZOE: You are welcome but know say the jewelry no be for only you o?

ME: Bye.

ZOE: Stingy friend.

And I hung up***

“God! Why you allow me make this kind mistake so?”

“No be say I no want the date, but my heart dey very fragile, and all these wrong men don scatter am wella. Na fear dey do you this o Isabel, Chai!” I thought to myself as I tried to concentrate on work.

Wriiten by Winnie Oti

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