iphone xi: review and rumored specs


2019 is yet another year for the Apple company to once again wow its fans and users with its iPhone brand. Sadly, the much rumoured iPhone xi, xiR or xiMax are not that far different from their predecessors, the iPhone 10.

Although no official statement has been made by Apple, it is rumoured that the iPhone xi will be released around September 10-11th, 2019 with three versions of the phone; IPhone xi, xiR and xiMax.

Features of iPhone xi, xiR and xiMax

Screen: 5.8-6.5 inches with the same notch from iPhone 10.

Back: glass, glossy finish with a metal frame.

Ram: ranges from 4gig for the iPhone 11 and xiR and 6 gig for the iPhone xiMax.

Camera: 3 lens rear camera with a sensor array and 1/2 front facing camera.

Storage: 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1TB.

Connectivity: No fingerprint sensor.

Colour: Black, gold and white.

Unless Apples wants to wow the general public, it has to a lot better than what it has in plan to sell more of its phones. The phone in general is just a bump up from the iPhone 10 with just the camera as its major improvement.

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