Love and Hate


Her mom, a victim of circumstances always tells her that men are bad. She should keep away from them no matter what. She has come to hate all men given her past. So she introduces her child to that same harsh reality. One where love is dead. The only thing in existence is just a mutual benefit and they have to be on the winning side. Be smart and sharp, she always tells her daughter, Tasha.
Tasha grew up to avoid men like a plague. She lost counts on how many men she has turned down, spat on or probably used as her meal ticket or just for financial benefits. Fortunately enough, the gods smiled on Tasha, she developed into a fine demi goddess, one with curves and thick thighs to melt the heart and eyes of any man. Tasha knew this, so she exercises daily to keep the figure in check. Make it curvier than what nature endowed her with.
She and her mom would always sit at night, talking and laughing about the men she used that week. How she literally ran one bankrupt just because he was so eager to please her. She made him give her access to his atm card for her to go shopping with. The poor fool didn’t even know he was being used. All he wanted was what was in between her thighs and a taste of the forbidden fruit. She never subjected herself to sleeping with any man she has used in the past. Her mom couldn’t be more prouder. She was the perfect daughter she wanted. The exact image she had in mind all these years.
Luck smiled on Tasha everywhere she went, not because she was hardworking but because of the ammo she was packing behind her. Skin tone like that of glass. Doors kept opening wherever she went. Wasn’t long after her higher education, she got an appointment with a banking institution where she started off as Teller collector. Didn’t take her that long to rise up her ranks to the bank’s managing director in charge of marketing. She was put in this sector because of her looks. Her superiors knew this, so does she and did the job so well.
In all her endeavors, Tasha still saw men as the enemy and as dogs. She always turned down every potential suitor no matter how wealthy. Her kind of job brought her in contact with the highs and lows of the society. As far as they were men, the were no match for her charms, married, single or engaged, they all fell sucker for her.
While she went about her normal activity in her office, she was called to meet with a client, she did as she was asked. She was asked to show them around and make projections as to what sales would be, she did that with no trouble at all. During the meet, she noticed a man there, looking all haggered and unkept. She was baffled how someone as untidy as he was allowed in the conference room. She kept quiet and the day went by.
Few days later, on her way from work at night, she decided to stop at a shop to get some few groceries as she remembered she was running low at home. She got her items and was on her way to the parking lot when from no where, two men came out and asked her if she could give them some sugar. Clueless to what they demanded and with fire on her tongue, she rudely replied them. Her words provoked these two touts and they decided to deal with her. As they both approached her, seeing her body alone, their mind set changed to just having a taste of her for it was too good a sight to ignore. Tasha begins to scream for help and struggles with them until one knocks her unconscious. Just as they were about to begin, a man appeared from no where and fired some shots in the air, demanding they flee the area or he shoots. They fled the scene as fast as their legs could carry them.
He approached her motionless body and picks her up. Searches through her phone and bag and finds her home address. He takes her home and lays her on her bed. Just as he was about to leave, she regains consciousness and spoke. She recognised the face. It was the same unkept man in the conference room the other day. She was baffled as to how she found herself in her room with him standing there. She quickly checked herself to see if she was raped but found out she was untouched. She thanked him as he leaves the room and her apartment.
All through the night, she kept wondering what would have been of her had he not showed up when he did. Those no good dogs in human flesh would have had her for free. Worst of it, taken her virginity. This only goes to confirm what her mom told her in the past that all men were dogs and cheats. But as these thoughts kept running through her head, a certain one remained. It was that of the unkept man.
The next day at work, she asked her assistant to find out what she knows about him but to no avail. As no one knew whom she was talking about. The mystery of this man almost drove her insane. She needed to know who he was and is. She couldn’t help it. Found herself sometimes lost in his thought. How he seemed so gentle and calm both in the conference room and her room the other night. He must be a P.A to the boss in that advertising company. She was so bent on solving this mystery. During lunch break, she took the opportunity to head for the advertising company where the man worked. She needed to find out who he is.
She arrived at her destination and went straight to the lobby and begins to describe the man to the receptionist but she also seemed confused. The receptionist couldn’t place the face and description of whom she was talking about. So Tasha decided to ask about the team that was sent to her bank some few weeks ago. She was given directions to where to find them in the building. Lucky enough, she was able to meet with one of the representatives that was sent to her office. She describes the man to them and they all laughed. Well, he’s around, said one them. They offered to show her to his office. While on the way, she had that notion and picture that was an errand boy to the company or a driver, that must be the reason why they all laughed. But on their way to his office, they all met the man at a corridor just few steps to his office. He recognised her and stretched forth his hand and introduces himself as Kelvin. She was baffled to see him, all dressed up in corporate wear looking clean. He leads her to his office. She just kept following from behind, checking him out. Wondering how he could be so clean and looking so good until they arrive at a door, with an inscription saying “C.E.O”.
She went home, confused. She couldn’t challenge what she saw. Her head kept playing tapes of every encounter. She hated the way she was feeling. So she calls her mom to come over. Tasha describes everything to her mother and the mother began to tarnish every statement. But this time, Tasha didn’t follow her blond rule, she began to question her mother’s words. She gets the fact that men are liars and cheats but this one was different and doesn’t even want nothing from her. He doesn’t even look at my chest when I spoke with him. His eyes were focused on my face, although I could barely look at him directly but I could sense it, Tasha told her mom. She didn’t know what was coming up on her. Her body, mind and heart can’t get the thoughts of Kelvin of her head ever since that night in her room.
Her mom knew what was happening. Even she too had once felt such but decided to bottle up and teach her child the ills of life. She took Tahsa’s hand and in a quiet and calm voice, she spoke to Tasha. “You’re in Love”.

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