Trial Tales (Part 5)

Shannel and Anikka were at the park discussing

The next day, Shannel was seen in a park with Anikka. Both ladies are busy discussing about how life hasn’t been fair to ladies especially when it comes to relationships. Recalling dates from high school (Shannel dashes back to 10 years go. She recollect incidents to how she was stood up at a date just because the guys mother didn’t like her). They both laughs and just then a handsome guy strolls by, catching the gaze of Shannel and Anikka. Anikka then turns and looks at Shannel and observes how lost she was in her gaze. She quickly runs after the guy. Like a mad woman, she ran chasing the guy screaming to him to wait up. He also turns and sees her, not understanding her intentions, he also begins to run.
She finally catches up with him at an alley. Both panting and exhausted, Anikka begins to walk towards him slowly with her hand I her purse. He sees that and lifts his hands up, as if he was being arrested. “fool, why you got your hands up like that? Oh, I see, my bad… just reaching to get my make up kit. All this running got my face all messed up.

He also begins to run as he saw her running towards him.

What’s your name, cutie, Anikka asked. He stammers and finally got the courage to speak. “I’m… I’m Tareeq”, he said. Anikka then replied, “OK sugar… tell you what, I’m so sorry for spooking you. Just that I got this friend who was love smithen when she saw you and is currently going through a rough breakup at the moment. I don’t know what she actually wants to date again, cos looking at you right now, you seem like the player type. Are you a player? Tareeq shakes his head to disapprove of the question Anikka just asked him. “good… so here’s what you gonna do: you going to come back to the park with me, looking all cute and all and you going to pretend like you were looking for someone or something. I don’t care what it is, just look. Take a few walks and then try to step on her toes, like in the movies and then introduce yourself”, continued Anikka. Tareeq looking at her funny, he couldn’t help but ask her, “Are you some type of female pimp? Like “the pimp called Slick-Back”. Cos right now, I’m really feeling your energy and all, but I’m sorry I just have to turn you down cos… “ Anikka interrupts and screams, “Boy you gone do all I just told you to, or lawd help me… he gone receive another soul in his bosom right this minute!. “ she begins to speak to herself, telling herself to calm down. “breathe Anikka, breathe… don’t let this brother mess up your day. But he cute though. Just breathe”. She turns and looks at Tareeq one last time and tells him to start heading to the park where Shannel was. She tells him how she would be watching him from afar and he shouldn’t try any funny business.

Anikka walks right behind Tareeq and is heard speaking to him but he doesn’t respond. “You better not try to run or your family gets it. By the way, where’d you live? “ Tareeq turns and looks at her, wondering why she wanted to know where he lived. Out of curiosity, he tells her. Anikka takes a jotter and a pen and writes down the address. She puts the jotter and pen back in her purse and then replied Tareeq, “good, now I know where you live. Any funny business and I send my boys to come kill you”. Tareeq interrupts saying, “are you serious right now? You quoting a movie line”.
As they arrive at the park, Anikka leaves Tareeq and hides in her car, she calls Shannel from the car and tells her that she drove off to go attend to a business client who called her right after she left to make use of the ladies room.

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