Trial Tales (Part 4)

Shannel stands in the middle of the living room. Turning both side to see how reckless her friends had slept and what mess they had made the previous night, she screams to the top of her voice till her lungs gave out. Anikka falls to the floor with her face down while Sandra jumps off the table with fear. “I’m glad you both are awake. Good, now look at the mess you both made. Some body gonna have to clean this up and it damn well ain’t my maid. Matter of fact, lemme call her to give her a day off, Shannel says looking at both Sandra and Anikka. She raises her phone to her face, scrolls through it looking for the number of the maid. She finds it and dials it. Hello, replied the maid. Are you heading to my place, Shannel asked her maid. “yes ma! I’m just about leaving my house, the maid replied. You know what, take the day off, my friends here just volunteered to help clean the house today. Don’t bother yourself sweetie. Enjoy your day, I’ll see you tomorrow, says Shannel then she hags up.

Shannel picks up the phone to call her maid

While Shannel was on the phone, Anikka was trying to gather her stuff so she could escape from the apartment quietly without Shannel noticing but was caught. “you know what girls, Anikka gone be the one doing the cleaning while you take out the garbage. I don’t know what you all were doing last night in my house that got this place looking like y’all had a party. Did y’all have a party last night to celebrate my breakup”, asked Shannel. Sandra looks at Anikka and gives her the stern eye look for her to be serious and understands the emotional trauma Shannel was going through. They both Anikka was the wild type and would say just about anything without weighing the consequences.
Sandra starts cleaning the kitchen while Anikka takes on the living room. Gradually they both finished cleaning up the apartment. After a while, they noticed Shannel wasn’t with them. They didn’t even know when she had left them. Shannel had gone into her bedroom. They two friends followed suit in fear maybe she had gone to kill herself in there. They rushed into the room and finds Shannel with a bag of chips, stained pajamas and a messed up hair. Tears dried up on her both cheeks. Looking at each other, they two friends sat besides Shannel with their arms around her. Telling how its going to be OK. It’s going to be OK. Men come and go but the right one will surely come, says Sandra. “yeah, the right one, when will the right one ever come? Just look at me! They up keep running each time it’s about to get serious. I’m so tired… replied Shannel. Anikka doesn’t say a word, rather in her silence, she was cooking up a sinister plan. Just then in the bedroom, Rachel shows up.

All Shannel’s friends gather round her in a hug

Rachel is a friend to all three girls. She is also a white girl who grew up in a black neighborhood. So must of the time, she considers herself black but Anikka is always too quick to put her in her place. “hello… is anybody in here? I heard about Brandon, babes. I’m s sorry “ says Rachel. Sandra waves her hand and signals Rachel to come join them in the hug.
Later that evening, Anikka calls Shannel to let her know she got a surprise for her. While on the call, she puts Shannel on hold and calls both Sandra and Rachel. “Y’all on conference call, Rachel and Sandra are on”, says Anikka. Shannel, “what’s tat surprise you got this time? Better not be a male stripper! “mm hmm… we know how you act Anikka. Is like you on some messed up drug right from when your momma had you, Sandra says. “true that!” says Shannel. Girls, girls… why not let Anikka tell us why she called us. I mean, what’s the surprise and where is it, says Rachel. Who asked you by the way Rachel? Did I say you could speak? Anyway, thanks for the support. Now for the rest of y’all Thomas’s, meet me at Eleanor motel, Anikka says. “hold up, a motel? Girl, I told you this bitch gone lost her mind. Now what in tarnation are you doing at a motel”, Sandra asked. Just be there, Anikka screams and ends the call.
Later that night, they meet up with Anikka at the motel like she requested. Anikka hears a knock on the door. She peeps through the window to confirm it was her friends before opening the door. She quickly shoves them in and closed the door. Shannel steps in and looks surprised, she turns to look at both Rachel and Sandra. Seeing nothing out of the extra ordinary, they all turned and faced Anikka. With her hands folded, Shannel asks Anikka a question, “now where the surprise? Cos I don’t see nothing special in this cheap ass motel you rented. The only thing I see are a bunch of cockroaches dead of boredom over there at the window”. Anikka smiles and takes drags Shannel by the hand to the bathroom, Rachel and Sandra follows behind. She opens the door and they find Brandon all tied up and unconscious. They all ran out of the bathroom in shock leaving Anikka there laughing. Anikka turns and pours water in Brandon until her jolted back to reality. They asked her friends to come back and told them that she only asked her male friends to help her borrow him which they did.
They all return back to the bathroom and Anikka begins to slap Brandon on the head and back asking him questions. “Are you prepared to talk, nigga? Will you talk? I’m telling you, this is some double O7 shit going on right here, so you better gives us what we want, nigga, says Anikka. “yeah, you better talk, nigga”, says Rachel. And they all turned and looked at her. Even Brandon. Anikka then replied Rachel, “Woah, woah, woah, woah… hold up, did you just say the “N” word (while making air quotes)? Don’t do that, don’t you ever do that! That’s some sacred word, only we blacks are allowed to say it. It’s like the holy word of my people. The sacred apple of the blacks (“Preach on sister”, Brandon is heard giving support). The “N” word is like Jack and Rose on Titanic. You can’t separate the two. He dies for her or she dies for him. How the hell did that dimwit ever die for love? You see that shit, the whole dying for love thing, that’s some white people shit. We blacks we don’t don’t do that. Ship sinking, sister bye! I’m off that death trap. Swimming for my life first, I don’t know you. We can do that love shit if you survive”.

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