Trial Tales (Part 3)

Anikka walks to meet with Sandra in the kitchen. She finds her making popcorn and says, “hmmm… you get me. That’ll go so good for the movies. When you done, I’ll be in the living room. Going to put some Netflix on”. Sandra turn to look at her in disapproval. She looks as Anikka walks away slowly. She couldn’t believe that she wasn’t even willing to help her out in the kitchen with carrying some food items to the living room. Anikka sits down on the sofa, picks up the remote and switches on the TV and begins to flip through channels. She finally settles down in a romance movie. With her squeezed in a sign of dismay, she then says, I wonder what this one’s all about? All these romance movies that seem so perfect. Sandra do you mind, bringing the popcorn over here? The movies about to start. Uh… don’t forget to bring me a soda, will you.
Sandra hears her and responded, Why don’t you come get ‘em yourself? Do I look like a maid? Any ways, I’ll be over there in a minute. Do you want your sofa with a straw or just the bottle? Anikka replies, Uhhh… with a straw please. What do you take me for, an animal? And please hurry up. Meanwhile, Sandra left the soda and all other requests in the kitchen and then walks to the living room with only a bowl of popcorn and soda for herself.

They both say down watching a movie

Where’s mine? You better not be sipping on my soda girl, Anikka said. Oh, I forgot, the maid’s on leave. When she returns she can get your order, replied Sandra. Out of frustration, Anikka goes to the kitchen to get her drink. While standing up, she plunges her hand in the popcorn bowl and whisked a few.
Wait, what happened to the chicken? I thought I met that bundle of deliciousness right before I went to check on Shannel, asked Anikka. Sandra turns and looks at her but chooses to ignore her. Anikka picks what she wanted from the fridge and just while she was about to close the fridge door, she stumbles on a cup of ice-cream. She decided to carry it too. While in the living room, they both sat down watching the movie. As the movie went on, they both are heard throwing side comments and laughing at the casts. Just take a look at this one, that’s how he gon be lying to all the ladies. But he fine though, just take a look at the packs and firm butt he got. Oh lawd, just lie to me baby, says Anikka. At some point, Anikka throws popcorn at the TV screen. Sandra just sits and watches her friend get wild over the movie. She doesn’t believe what she was hearing. Just when she had enough of the noise Anikka was making, she then said, “I swear, if we didn’t grow up together, I would have said you was abducted by aliens or traded your brains for a pack of cigarettes. What the hell are you doing? Anikka turns and looks at her, not saying anything she sits down quietly and enjoys the movie although still throwing side comments.
They both falls asleep in the living room leaving the TV on till dawn. Shannel wakes up to find them fast asleep for they were up so late last night. Shannel uses her hand to hold her nose as if she was been irritated by something. She moves slowly to where they were sleeping and finds Anikka head down on the rug and body up on the sofa. Wondering where Sandra was, she turns to look around and finds Sandra fast asleep on the kitchen dinning table with a spoon in her hand a melted ice-cream. The same ice cream Anikka took from the fridge the previous night.

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