Trial Tales (Part 2)

Anikka steps outside and flags down a taxi

The cab driver looks at her from the mirror above his head just to make sure she wasn’t trying anything funny. He sees the stern look in her eyes and then he decides to give her an answer. Well, it’s not like we like to cheat but we do. It’s like you not knowing if you like a particular flavour of ice-cream until you see someone taking it, then you want it, the driver told her. Looking confused, Anikka then responded, “So you mean to tell me, you all just go around looking for the most tastiest of ice-cream flavour you all can find? I mean you men are dogs. By the way, here’s my stop. For all the sins of men out there, I don’t think I’m even paying you. Thanks for the free ride. Anikka quickly jumps out of the cab and runs towards the front door of Shannel’s house.
Door bell rings, Shannel becomes jumpy and tries to clean her eyes with a tissue. She runs to the bathroom and opens the sink tap to wash her face. Sandra walk from the kitchen and heads towards the front door. “who is it? It better not be that Brandon. Cos I swear I’ll get some Russian Mafias all up on him”, Sandra says while going to answer the door. She opens the door and Anikka just dashed in like something was chasing her. Where’s Shannel, Anikka asked.

What’s that smell? Speak again lemme perceive it. Smells like something those nerds use for the atomic and nuclear bomb and shiii. Anikka don’t tell me you didn’t wash your mouth this morning, says Sandra. Anikka while bumping her head and dancing to an imaginary music ignores Sandra completely and slowly walks towards the kitchen. She was attracted to the smell coming from the kitchen. She opens the oven to a chicken already spiced and cooked. She brings it out and was just about to touch it when Sandra slaps her hand off it. “Where are your damn manners” Sandra asked angrily. Anikka replies her, “I don’t know, maybe my momma forgot to buy me some cos we was so broke back in the day. You know what, to hell with your chicken. It doesn’t even look that cooked to me. I was here trying to see if I can do you that favour of tasting this poison you had in the oven so no one else can die of it but you here disrespecting me. Where’s Shannel by the way? Haven’t seen her ever since I walked in.”
Annika leaves the kitchen and heads to the bedroom of Shannel only to find her fast asleep on the bed. Soft music was playing in the background. The light was also put off only that of the bed lamp was seen on and reflections of lights from the street lit up the room. Shannel was fast asleep when Anikka stepped in. She noticed how messy Shannel’s room was. She quietly closed back the door and heads back to the kitchen to meet with Sandra.

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