Trial Tales: Episode 1

Sandra Crying

Door opens, Sandra steps in to find Shannel fast asleep on the couch, eyes swollen from last night’s cry.

Sandra creeps into the apartment and also finds used tissues on the floor littered everywhere.

She wakes Shannel up and tries to find out why her room was in such a mess. “I know you did this all by yourself. I’ve Sen worse though, but what in hell caused this? I know you, what’ up? Talk to me girl”, Sandra asked.

Shannel turns to speak but tears flood her eyes and she begins to speak while crying. “He dumped me! He said he wanted someone more, more perfect. Can you imagine the silly excuse”?

Shannel stands up to spin around so Sandra can check her out. Look at me girl, ain’t I the complete package? I mean, I cook, I clean, I get dirty and give it to him on all four’s.

What else could he be asking for? Can you believe he dumped me right after meeting my mom? “The nerve of some men! I can’t believe fee did that to you… Well, so what you gonna do now?” Sandra asks Shannel.

While trying to control her emotions, she replies in a soft, cracking voice, “I don’t know, I don’t know. I mean Brandon was my everything.

All these years we been together, all the love, guess I was just in a Trial fairy tale.” Sandra consoles Shannel and lays her to rest on the couch.

After a while, she stands up, picking up the used tissues to discard in the waste bin. Walks to the curtain and opens it wide open. “Close it up!” Shannel screams. “No way in hell am I doing that. Matter if fact I’m calling Anikka.

That girl always gonna know what to do”, replied Sandra. Shannel eyes becomes wide open and begins to beg Sandra not to call Anikka.

Phone rings in the background as Anikka is seen screaming to the top of her lungs with her hands up high as she gulps down a shot of tequila.

Phone continues to ring. Anikka later feels the vibration of the phone in her bra and pulls it out to answer. “hello… who’s this? Sandra replies, “girl where the hell are you?”

Anikka takes another shot and then walk in to the female rest room to answer her call. “You won’t believe me if I tell you.

I was with Jason Statan. Girl he so fine… “ Just before she could finish her statement, Sandra interrupts her, “I don’t wanna know who and where you are, just get your ass over here.

Shannel’s hurt. Brandon dumped her last night”. Anikka quickly drops the call and rushes back into the club, steals someone’s drink and dashes out to stop a taxi.

While in the cab, Anikka begins to talk to the cab driver. “excuse me. Hello Mr. Taxi man sir. I have a question”. The cab man pays her no attention because the song over the radio was loud.

Anikka reaches out from the back seat and puts off the radio. “hey!!! What you do that for? I was listening to that” screamed the cab man.

“Good, now that I got your attention, I got a question for you. And you better answer me in all sincerity cos your life depends on it or I swear I’m gonna choke you with the sit belt behind you.

Believe me, I’m gonna do it”, Anikka replied angrily. Good boy… now tell me, why do men cheat? Cos its not like y’all don’t got a hot girlfriend, but you cheat, Anikka further asked.

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